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Rave Reviews

“Mark, I own a book you published called Facial Expressions. We used this book all the time during face shape sculpting and animation on our feature animation Khumba. So you had some influence in the making of our film as well:) Great book!”

Quentin Vogel
Director Khumba

“You know I got interested in Storyboarding thanks to you back in 2007 When I purchased one of your books during film school. Its been a wild ride so far. Ups and Downs as you know I’m sure. But happy with my current job over at Bad Robot… Man this place is crazy man. Its like an Adult Creative Fun House mixed with a cool nerdy sci fi vibe…. I LOVE IT! Storyboard Jedi Master.. for I am one of your Storyboard Padawans 😉 lol”

Joe Mason

“Thank you. Without your books, CD’s and online help I never would have been able to make: short 2d films, start my own production company, make contacts for deals, pitch TV shows, and much more.”

Rick Solomon
CEO,Animate For The Cel Of It Productions.

“Your book Storyboards in Motion (3rd Edition) is my Bible for boards, I have learned a great deal from it. And the “pricing” for all budgets helps tremendously.”

Marco Velasquez

“I just had to tell you I used your book as my text when I taught storyboarding at Columbia College-:)”

Renee Reeser Zelnick

“I just wanted to thank you for not only the terrific books you have produced, but for the amazing motivation they have instilled in me. Since making my decision to pursue storyboarding as a career, I’ve picked up lots of textbooks, taken figure drawing classes, watched tons and tons of movies, and spent any waking hour outside of my analyst job studying the art of storyboarding; but there was a gap in my studies that I desperately needed. It wasn’t until I found Storyboards: Motion in Art, 3rd edition that I found what I needed. I’m only 1/3 of the way through and already it has cemented my belief that I really can pick up, move to LA and actually live my dream and have an enjoyable and fulfilling career following my passion. I have many books on storyboarding, but none have provided the necessary context as your book has.I can compose a shot, I can draw well enough, but to be able to picture, imagine, and prepare for meetings and other intangibles with directors/producers/cinematographers etc. is absolutely invaluable. The personal experience and expertise you have provided in the book have given me a much clearer idea what it is to be a storyboard artist, and it has given me enumerable ideas on what and how to practice. I think that has been my biggest challenge, how to practice. But now, I have a much better idea, and an even stronger motivation to continue practicing and studying. I had purchased the original Facial Expressions (just downloaded V.3 eBook!) months before purchasing Storyboards: Motion in Art, and seeing you reference it in there was terrific, and made me believe without much guidance, that I have put myself on the proper path for this career. It’s definitely not easy leaving a steady paycheck and home (the great Portland, OR), but with the resources you have provided, I can at least be confident in that decision. No one knows what the future holds, but I know that if I follow your advice and continue to work hard, I will most importantly be happy because I will get to draw every day.”

Ben Bullock

“Mark, I got your great book, “Storyboards, Motion in Art,” at the library of the college where I teach web design. It’s a great resource and I am learning a lot from it. Thanks for a great book. I’ll be sharing it with my multimedia students.”

Chad LaForce

“I spent some time this morning looking at all your websites and must say that you are a very generous person. I downloaded the info that you share on your sites and know what it takes to put together all that information. I had done my own research years ago and it took forever to get the things you generously share. Your books are a treasure and I truly enjoy them. I am familiar with your work and have been for years, and know your experience and knowledge in the business is something that I admire and know our WIA members will be excited to hear you speak about. Again, thank you so very much for your generous gift.”

Kitty M Love

“I have reading your book “Storyboards: Motion in art “. This is an amazing book. Congratulations. I am an artist like you. I believe you can understand me because all artists need the success, the clap of public.”

Angel Mediavilla

“Your book was my bible when I decided to start doing storyboards – so thank you! 🙂 I have to re-do/update my site. I have tons of more recent/better examples now.”

Ray Alma

“Very cool. I bought the book and liked it a lot!”

Joe Murray
Creator of Nickelodeon’s Angry Beavers

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating such wonderful books, most specifically your Facial Expression reference series. I am a professional Costume Designer and often teach Stage Make-Up courses at the University level– a class in which I have often used your books as one of the primary course texts, as they offer such a textural variety of ages, ethnicities, face shapes/structures and interesting characters for students to use in creating Make-Up Designs. Please know that your model’s faces (including your own, as I know you model in your books) and artists’ works have not only inspired the future illustrators of tomorrow (myself included in that category), but have also been integral in helping to shape those who partake in perhaps a less-likely-influenced art form. I have enclosed one of my recent sketches just for giggles. Thank you once again for your endless contributions and ravenous art-making. My last Stage Make-Up class has heartily sent you 34 “thumbs up.”

Mallory Prucha Rishoi

“I finished principal animation on my film last week and am doing SFX. I did your smoke technique that’s a blurred reversal of a charcoal drawing in Photoshop – looks GREAT! I am prepping for compositing in After Effects. I’m also prepping my film credits, and would like to list you under “Technical Advisors” as Mark Simon. Your book was SO helpful – amazing.”

Barbara Whitmer

“I just got your book today as a late father’s day gift and I am very pleased with the book. Thank you for the terrific book”


“Your book is here, it’s a wonderful, wonderful, book. Thanks.”

Ignacio Sardiñas (Panky)

“I can not thank you enough for writing “producing Independent 2d character animation”…it has pulled me out of my depression.”

Rick S.

“I purchased your book about a year ago and find it to be a fantastic resource for my animation classes.”

Harold InDelicato

“I purchased the book and there was a wealth of material to work with. Thank you for the time and effort into making the book. Thank you.”

Victor Claudio

“I’ll bet that if I had this book in high school, I would have finished animating a film or two. I suggest that you read this book, get to work, and do what Mark says – go make films.”

Linda Simensky
Previously Senior VP Original Animation, Cartoon Network Currently Senior Director of Programming, PBS Kids.

“I have looked over your book. Congratulations! This is great.”

Heather Kenyon
Former Director of Development, Original Animation, Cartoon Network Former editor of AWN.

“Thanks for sending a copy of your new book (Producing Independent 2D Character Animation). It looks great! Congratulations. We are proud to be a part of it. “

David F. and Alisson S.
Academy Award-winning creators of Bob & Margaret.

“You really can’t afford to miss Mark Simon’s brilliant new title Producing Independent 2D Character Animation. Simon’s tome should be a constant on any aspiring animator’s workstation.”

Ramin Zahed
Former Editor, Animation Magazine.

“This is the most concise and comprehensive book I’ve seen on the subject of producing a 2D animated cartoon.”

Robert M.
Ithica, NY.

“This book (Producing Independent 2D Character Animation) officially kicks ass.”

A reader

“This is by far the best book on storyboarding (Storyboards: Motion in Art) available.”

Max M.

“Your book is so informative! I can barely put it down. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much your book has helped so far in making my life a complete turn around from what it was.”

Amilee H.